Does car insurance really get cheaper with age?

According to Moneysupermarket motor monitor (June 2012), there is indeed a decrease in overall car premiums with age. While there has been a general decrease (about 5.1-6.8 percent) in car premiums over the years, the age group 20-24 have seen the slightest decrease while those aged between 24-29 years had the biggest drop in premiums. […]

Car finance for students

Many factors have to be considered before getting yourself a car if you are still a student. Youngsters who are still at school may want a new car for personal use but they may have a lot of difficulties in getting their loan approved. In order to avoid yourself stressed out, it is better to […]

How to find cheap car rental companies

Europe offers a wide variety of vehicles for hire in its numerous airports since it is a common holiday destination. Whichever port, train station you may choose to get down from, you will be able to get a car for hire for your holidays. But, this wide range of car hire companies can prove to […]

Non UK residents may find it difficult in obtaining car insurance

Many car insurance companies will not grant insurance to non UK residents. In order to solve this problem, non UK residents should bring their cars with them from wherever they are from; they will be able to travel with their vehicles while keeping their original insurance policies from America, France or any other country of […]

Protect the environment with pay as you go insurance

There is now a lot of awareness programmes regarding the environmental impacts of driving especially about the effects of carbon monoxide emissions and a wider audience is understanding the effects of careless driving down the roads. Nowadays, there are green drives to have fewer cars on the road which are more fuel efficient and more […]

Things to know about the pay as you drive insurance

There is a wide array of insurance policies for a number of activities. Today, in South Africa, there is a new policy that is called pay as you drive which is calculated on a cent per kilometre rate. With pay as you drive insurance, you pay for a fixed fee per month for insurance thus […]

Test driving a new car

If you find yourself at the test driving part of the car buying process, it means that you have already narrowed your car choices down and now have to see how they drive. Try not to test drive cars that you are not interested in as this how many dealers may trick you into buying […]

Renting car for the weekend

Think about this for a moment: it’s Friday, you are at work and getting all excited about your plans for the weekend. You do have something in mind but are not quite sure about it and then, just like that, something that should have been so obvious right from the beginning hits you. Of course […]

Mauritius underwater activities

There are plenty of Mauritius excursions that will interest and for the sea lover, it can be a challenge to choose from the many things that are available. Here’s a list of what you can do: Undersea walk Indeed, this is a reality in Mauritius. Being one of the few places in the world that […]