Cannibilism on the increase causing zombie panic!

Have you read the news lately? There has been a noticible rise on canibilism, there have been reports of people resorting to this strange and unnatural habit from all over the world. In the last week alone the following have been reported: A married man bit off and ate his wife’s lips in Switzerland because […]

The truth about hair straightening and dangers

It’s been debateable for years whether or not hair straighteners cause any damage to hair follicles but with an ever growing trend of celebrities sporting poker straight hairstyles the majority of women do not think twice about any damage that may be caused. I remember the days when hair straighteners were expensive so teenagers found […]

Reducing your pay as you drive insurance premiums

It is clear that no one wants to pay a lot for car insurance per month and this is the reason as to why more and more people are now going for pay as you drive insurance. It is a fairer means of coverage as you pay for the distance that you are covering each […]

Basic home tools for toolbox

You never know when the occasion might arise when you will need some basic tools for problems around the home. Most people do not have what many will say are ‘common sense’ items such as a hammer or screwdriver. There are a few things you should keep together in the toolbox so that if there […]

Haart conveyancing

When you buy or sell a house you will want to save as much money as you can in every way, one of the places where you can either save or lose is finding the right solicitor or conveyance for your property. We recently sold our house through Haart and were ‘sold’ on their conveyance […]

Avon poor delivery service

For years I have been a loyal customer to Avon, some products that they offer are cheaper and better than other brands. They also continuously come up with new ideas and products that appeal to everyone. Whether you are a teenager, middle aged or older you will surely find products to suit both your skin […]

Connells estate agents Welwyn Garden City review

Nearly three years ago I bought my house through Connells estate agents in Welwyn Garden City, the house was not really what we were looking to buy but it had so much potential that we went ahead. We gutted it completely and did the whole house, it took six months before we could live in […]

Willows farm Review

We all know how hard the school holidays are, kids need entertaining and in most cases that costs money. Whether it’s some more toys, new games for the Wii or a day out, whatever you decide to do it will cost you. Many families nowadays have to work most of the time including during school […]