The truth about hair straightening and dangers

It’s been debateable for years whether or not hair straighteners cause any damage to hair follicles but with an ever growing trend of celebrities sporting poker straight hairstyles the majority of women do not think twice about any damage that may be caused. I remember the days when hair straighteners were expensive so teenagers found […]

Fish pedicure and foot spa warning

Last year the biggest beauty trend to hit the UK was the fish pedicure or fish foot spa, popping up all over the place and even in the local shopping centre. A year later and it may not be as trendy as it was once thought to be. What is a fish pedicure? Using miniature […]

Digital perm

We all want the best of both worlds when it comes to hair styling, if you have straight hair you want it to be curly, if you have curly hair you want it to be straight, you can never win. At the moment curls are very this year, big curls, soft curls, all curls. So […]

Face shaving for women, new trend

A recent article I came across today was advising women to start shaving their face as an alternative to waxing, threading and laser hair removal. In a bizarre twist it even says how celebs have also started to follow this trend. It is said that Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were also fans of this […]

How to remove blackheads quick and easy

In some point of our lives we will all experience blackheads, it doesn’t mean you have poor hygiene or need to wash your face more it just means you have oilier skin that most. It is a fairly common problem with most sufferers having them on their nose, chin, forehead and cheeks but it’s not […]

Alcohol and animal free makeup

As we all become more aware what goes into the products we use consumers are always on the lookout for alternative beauty products that are more environmentally friendly and contain no animal preservatives. Such make up is also known as ‘halal’ makeup which in turn means kosher by using natural products and dyes rather that […]

The dangers of fake eyelashes

As you may have noticed the growing trend for fake eyelashes has really gotten out of control. Most celebrities can be seen wearing them on a daily basis and some even have their own range. Girls Aloud are prime examples who have been seen promoting different styles of fake eyelashes. Katie Price, Victoria Beckham, Eva […]

Is a hairdresser really necessary?

Did you know in order to have healthy hair, it is advised that you have a trim at least every 6 weeks? Not only will you prevent split ends but you will also make hair thicker and full of life. The average haircut is around £20 but for many people this is an added expense […]

Semi permanent hair colour

If you’re thinking of updating your hair colour or having a simple transformation, then why not dye your hair to reflect your mood and also prevent it looking dull and lifeless. You would be very surprised at how a little colour can do to your hair. If you are unsure whether or not a colour […]

Coloured hair – Permanent or non permanent

Due to a high demand for people wanting to change their looks constantly, the market for hair dye has become extremely competitive. If you are dying hair for the first time, then it is advisable to go to a salon first. They will do it professionally using good quality products providing even coverage. The question […]