Cat eye infection treatment

If you have a pet you will know how easy and common it is for cats to develop eye infections. Mostly they start off being dry and sore with the entire eye turning red. Eventually the eye will then start to water and may also leak out some smelly discharge that most often will be […]

Cat neutering

As kittens get older you may choose to have them neutered also known as spayed and castration. For female kittens this prevents pregnancies and in male kittens, this stops them from spraying all over the house marking their territory. I have found that if you have a female kitten and she is not allowed to […]

Cat Vaccinations

Having just recently adopted to little male kittens the most important thing I needed to think about for their health in future was whether or not to let them have a cat vaccine. Protecting your new pet kitten or cat will prevent unwanted illnesses and expensive medicines as well as unnecessary suffering. What do cat […]

Buying a cat toy

Boredom is unwanted for humans as it is for cats and one way to fight this is to have toys to play with. When you as the owner use cat toys to play with your pets, it bonds you more to them and will be exciting both for the cat as it will be for […]

House training a cat

Kittens should be trained at an early age to use their litter box as its hard to teach them later in life. Find an area that isn’t so out in the open. You’ll be surprised but like people cats need privacy and will be reluctant to go if someone is watching. Make sure that they […]

Why is cat insurance important these days?

I have 3 cats at home and it feels really good to look after them as they are all amazing animals and very intelligent. I love them all equally and they are littered trained, so they do their business outside. However a while before that they were very naughty babies since they would poo behind […]