Anal and vaginal skin whitening and bleaching

Over the years and during pregnancy when a woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes the changes that are apparent on the skin such as skin discolouration and darkening. At some point in their lives a woman will notice that the skin around the vagina and anus will darken over time. A common cause for […]

Ear lobe reconstruction for droopy ears and large pierced holes

30 years ago large earrings such as hoops and other designs were very fashionable but as time has gone on earrings have gotten smaller and less ‘in your face’. Unfortunately many women have suffered a fallback when it comes to those large, heavy and unsightly earrings, and droopy ear lobes and stretched out ear pierced […]

Snap-on smile

There are so many people who have vanity issues concerning their teeth whether it’s because they are stained, uneven, crooked or damaged through dental procedures such as root canal treatment sometimes the cost of repairing the damage is not only expensive but also scary. Teeth whitening are a very popular procedure but with the average […]

Knee liposuction

After extreme weight gain followed by weight loss the skin unfortunately loses its elasticity and in some areas of the body the skin will sag and fatty deposits will build up. No amount of exercise or dieting can ever bring back taut skin and in some areas of the body the fat build up will […]

Hymenoplasty surgery

There has been a worrying increase in young unmarried women seeking to have their virginity restored. In many countries sex before marriage is wrong and if a women marries without her virginity then the new husband has the right to have teh marriage annulled. The woman then loses face in the community and the chance […]

Dimple job also known as dimple plasty

2010 has seen an increase in women seeking plastic surgery to enhance their features. The trend for summer 2010 has got to be the ‘dimple job’. Although the rise in women wanting ‘designer dimples’ started in America British women are also wanting to get in with this new trend. We all know how cute babies […]

Varicose Veins – Treatment and Prevention

Varicose veins are veins that no longer work properly and instead of sending blood to the heart, bloof flows backwards causing it to collect in the vein. These then become swollen and enlarged and they are sometimes purple or blue and can appear lumpy. Varicose veins mostly appear on the legs due to pressure points […]

Bingo wings – Getting Rid of them!

When losing weight, one of the hardest things to get back to normal is loose skin. One common problem area women face after losing weight is bingo wings. They form when you lose weight but are left with sagging skin between the shoulders and elbow. How to get rid of bingo wings? Although you can […]

What are bunions and what can be done about them?

What are bunions? Bunions are a deformity of the bones between the foot and the big toe; this makes the foot very painful whilst wearing certain shoes. The big toe usually starts pointing in towards the second toe causing the surrounding area to swell and it throws the bones out of alignment causing bumps. Treatment […]

Perfect chin surgery perfect face

Chin plastic surgery is still not that popular as there isn’t that much of a demand for it, as you guessed it the only answer to get an aesthetic pleasing chin reduction is surgery. Although most people will associate chin surgery with reducing the size of it there is also surgery for a recessive chin […]