Celebrity fitness DVD, best and worst

As the part season approaches many women are more laid back when it comes to following their diets or even attending the gym regularly. The beginning of the year will see many people who have overindulged heading over to the gym or looking to sign up to shift some of the extra pies they consumed […]

Capsilex chilli diet pil

We’ve heard it all before right? A diet pill that promises to help shift unwanted pounds but in most cases you also need to exercise to help work off some fat the diet pill will then help you lose a further few pounds depending on how much weight you need to lose. As we age […]

How to put on weight healthily and steadily?

The majority of people would like to lose a few pounds but there are a small minority of people who would like to gain weight. The idea of gaining weight for most people is a ghastly thought but for those who need the extra pounds, this could be due to health reasons or medical problems. […]

Last Minute Bikini Body Confidence

With bad weather set to spoil what should be the summer, I take a look at how to cheat a bikini diet? It’s half term and it’s August and we should be sun bathing ourselves in temperatures above 25C instead there has been rain, wind and unpredictable sunshine. I know most people hadn’t been planning […]

Do weight loss pills really work?

Diet pills have been around for a long time but since Alli was introduced in June 2009 we talk about the dangers and side effects of using prescription diet pills and over the counter diet pills to combat obesity and unhealthy eating. Alli has been available over the counter since 2007 in America only, Alli […]

Organic food

With rising food prices it’s easy to see why many families are struggling to cook a healthy meal. It’s much easier and cheaper to buy chips and put them in the oven rather than sitting down to a nutritious meal. Saying this many new mothers are very concerned about what they give their children to […]