Safestix for dogs the alternative to fetching sticks

We all know the huge commitments we need to make when we adopt an animal, although cats can be trained to go toilet outside dogs on the other hand need to be taken for walks on a daily basis. Cats will bury their excrement where dogs will just leave it on show; dogs will dig […]

New dog painting craze

You no longer need to go to a zoo or deep into the forest to catch a glimpse of a tiger in China nowadays, you may come across one while walking down the street itself! But there is no need to be afraid; it is only a dog that has been dyed to look exactly […]

Dogs being abandoned during recession

As we have all heard, during the recession many pet owners have found that they can no longer afford to feed and care for their dogs. All small animals are essentially affected but dogs are more at risk at the moment. Dogs do have larger veterinary bills; they eat more and require a lot of […]

Designer Dog Collars

All dogs have collars and leads, so why should you settle for a basic common design when you could stand out from the crowd with a designer dog collar. Designer dog collars come in all shapes and sizes and besides from looking really stylish and in fashion, they are really comfortable too. Gone are the […]

Cocker Spaniel Puppies

One of the most popular breeds of dog that the elderly like is cocker spaniel puppies. Not only are they small and cute but they are very friendly with a good temperament. Cocker spaniels were first introduced in the 1800’s and are still a popular choice today. Cocker spaniel puppies love to play and are […]

How to choose a pet dog

Deciding on what dog to have is a very difficult decision. There are too many breeds to talk about and it really depends on what you’re looking for. There are dogs which stay really small; there are dogs which grow so big it will be impossible to pick up. There are also some dogs which […]

Grooming your dog

Having a pet dog is a very satisfying thing in life. A dog is men’s best companion, a very exciting pet which will keep you very active and happy as a dog owner. However you will need to take care of your dog to keep it in good health. That is where dog grooming comes […]

House training a dog

Dogs are easier to train compared to cats I think they understand better. It’s a very different technique training a dog as opposed to cats. As a puppy the dog breeder may already have introduced toilet training if not then you will need a lot of patience. As long as you follow the same routine […]