UK fashion costs more than in Europe and America

When you are out shopping do you ever take the time to check what the cost of the item of clothing is in other countries? Some fashion labels have prices in GBP, Euro and Dollars all on the same tag. Zara and H&M are just two of the brands that overcharge British customers but Ralph […]

Primark fashion losing sales

Up until now Primark have been making huge profits from cheap clothing overtaking most high street retail shops. Menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and houseware had become extremely popular as it was so cheap to keep up with the latest fashion trends. There were times when Primark used to be buzzing and queues went all round the […]

Solutions for revealing clothes

Gone are the days of having to wear a strappy vest under a low cut dress or top. Most people have even tried putting a safety pin to close the gap that some tops have but in time this can cause damage such as holes to the middle. Some people have even resorted to sewing […]

Designer goods on eBay

For years eBay has been a very popular auction site but they also sell new items that have never been used before for a much reduced price. You can buy pretty much anything off eBay as cars; holidays and even houses can be bought online. The good thing about eBay is that there are many […]

Poundland new Chit Chat makeup range

Poundland have just announced a new range of makeup called Chit Chat that is now available in all their stores at a recession busting £1. This includes foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blusher and even lip gloss. As we all know, a good foundation ranges from £12 – £35 so to buy a foundation costing a meagre […]

Valentine’s Day lingerie – What men want!

With only a few days left for valentines, it’s not too late to buy some sexy lingerie to surprise your partner or just to make you feel sexy. What do men like? Underwear that not only passes as day wear but can transform the evening into passion without the passion killer of having to change. […]

Cut in VAT, are we really saving any money?

With Gordon Brown announcing a 2.5% cut in VAT bringing it down to 15% from 17.5% are we actually saving any money? The answer is not really, if you’re buying large items or expensive items then there may well be a saving to be made. Don’t be fooled by the many emails from retailers that […]

Online shopping

As we are going into the recession full swing should we really be tightening our purse strings? Apart from things we really need essential to life like food should you hold out on buying fashionable clothes? The online shopping industry is booming in comparison to the high street. With temperatures also plummeting this is also […]