DIY back, sack and crack waxing

As back, sack and crack waxing for men is getting popular, the idea of a man baring all to a stranger to have his most intimate parts waxed is still quite daunting to most. Most men who have it done do so as a surprise for their partner whereas a small handful of men actually […]

Salons catering to men grooming

Salon treatment for men has been available for some time now as male grooming has become increasingly popular. If you think that only a small minority of men go to beauty salons, then you are wrong. The number of men becoming more conscious about their appearance these days are on the rise day by day […]

Male Cosmetic Surgery

Men are now becoming extremely self-conscious as the ever popular men’s magazines and films portraying what seem to be men who are not aging. Take a look at Tom Cruise he is now 47 and looks far better that when he made his film debut aged 19. He has since gotten braces to fix his […]

The bra for man – Will the males wear it?

Wishroom, a Japanese company, has recently launched a new range for men – The Man Bra. Although, this may sound funny and weird, they are selling the man bra at such a fast rate that they are finding it difficult to cope with the orders. The bra for men is sold at around £12 and […]

Hair styles for men – Summer 2008

Like supermodel Kate Moss, men have preferred the punk rocker look, minimal effort with I suppose? Even if you don’t choose to spend time styling your hair in the morning, if you’re well dressed then you’ll easily be able to carry the ‘just got out of bed’ look. This summer men have also coloured their […]