Housing benefit and LHA

Fortunately in this country you can never be homeless, if you ask for help you will surely get it. Councils all over the UK have been housing people for decades at the cost of the tax payer. Unfortunately the days where it was for hard up people are gone, as too many people have abused […]

Haart conveyancing

When you buy or sell a house you will want to save as much money as you can in every way, one of the places where you can either save or lose is finding the right solicitor or conveyance for your property. We recently sold our house through Haart and were ‘sold’ on their conveyance […]

Avon poor delivery service

For years I have been a loyal customer to Avon, some products that they offer are cheaper and better than other brands. They also continuously come up with new ideas and products that appeal to everyone. Whether you are a teenager, middle aged or older you will surely find products to suit both your skin […]

Cheap nappies

Raising a family can be expensive as we know but with a little organisation and careful planning you can have a family on a small budget. One thing that all families cannot go without are of course nappies. Most young children are in nappies until the age of around 2 years old but you may […]

Price matching

You may have noticed that many retailers now offer a price matching guarantee to many products they have to offer. What is price matching? Price matching is when you see a product cheaper elsewhere and the retailer you purchased the product from at the higher price gives you a refund for the difference. For example […]

Apple charging customers to play free games

Since the launch of the iPhone it looks like most people have converted and started using Apple instead. Then with the launch of the iPad many decided to fall into this trend too using it for various reasons but what happens when you let your children play ‘free’ games on your iPhone or iPad? Apple […]

Online shopping scam websites

With more and more people turning to the internet to make purchases there are many things you need to look out for to make sure it is safe. I have been shopping online to make the majority of my purchases for the last 8 years but internet security has improved a lot in the last […]

How to save money on prescriptions – pre-payment certifcate

As April approaches prescription charges are bound to increase again as they have done every year. As the rest of England are penalised and have to continue to pay for life saving prescriptions Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish residents do not need to pay a penny. Scotland has just announced that they plan to scrap […]

Free prescriptions in Scotland

The Scottish have been battling to get free prescriptions since 2007, well before the credit crunch but now as many of us down south have to tighten our belts the Scottish Parliament have agreed to allow all patients North of the border free prescriptions. Currently for the rest of us in the UK, excluding Northern […]