Maxi cosi easyfix base review

I decided fairly early that I wanted a base to go with my car seat as it would be easier and practical in my small 3 door Nissan Micra. I have had my car for nearly 5 years and it is economical, safe and easy to park, having a child was not going to persuade […]

Antenatal classes Welwyn Garden City NHS

Part of your antenatal care will include antenatal classes in preparation for the labour, delivery and life at home with the baby. When I first fell pregnant I asked my midwife about availability of these classes on the NHS as there are many stories of NHS trusts cutting back and turning women away or not […]

Breastfeeding workshop Welwyn Garden City NHS

For the second breastfeeding workshop it was women only as they try to get a new breastfeeding mother to come in and share her experience as well as a demonstration. As the group was now smaller as women came without their partners it was more personal and it was easier to ask questions and get […]

Pebble vs Cabriofix car seat

Maxi Cosi car seats have become extremely popular in the last few years as celebrities often favour this brand to others, on top of that it is also the best rated for safety. Since the car seats have become so popular many prams, strollers and pushchair manufacturers have teamed up with Maxi Cosi so that […]

Shaving baby’s head when born

There are many myths and traditions surrounding what to do when a baby is born and one of them is ‘should I shave baby’s head when they are born’? After doing a search I couldn’t believe how many people were against this, I find that it is because they are misinformed and not very well […]

Choosing and buying a car seat

Cars come in all shapes and sizes, just because yours might be on the smaller side it doesn’t mean you can’t have the car seat that you want. You should always have your child’s best interest at heart and not fall for cheap or second hand car seats. Cheap car seats When I say cheap […]

Pregnancy pillow for support during pregnancy

Towards the second and third trimester being pregnant can cause some discomfort, as the muscles and bones start to loosen you may find it hard to walk, sit and sleep properly. Most women find that they are most uncomfortable during the last three months as the bump gets bigger and heavier and sleeping becomes awkward. […]

Gender selection in Cyprus for

Talking about gender selection is still a huge taboo in the UK and other parts of the world as many people think its taking science too far. It is illegal in the UK and much of the world to abort a foetus because of the sex and also select the gender of your next child. […]