Eyelash Transplant Surgery – New treatment for eyelashes

Britain’s first successful eyelash transplant has taken place. Although this transplant surgery has been popular and widely available in the US, this has only just been performed now in the UK. During the procedure, hair is taken from the back of the head and grafted onto the eyelid and in time the hair transplanted will […]

Stilletos for babies

There has been a silly new craze around for a while now called ‘ baby stilettos’ although they are completely safe and for babies under 6 months there has been mixed feelings. The heeled slippers come in a range of colours and prints and are soft throughout. This new fashion statement was started in yep […]

Christmas present nightmare?

With Christmas then New Year coming up isn’t it a nightmare trying to buy presents? Why not tell family and friends what you really want. With many retailers and beauty salons slashing prices why not ask for a gift voucher this way you can buy exactly what you want from your favourite shops. After Christmas […]

Whose hands are cleaner?

Is it true when women say men are grubbier? The answer is no it isn’t. Research has been carried out and showed in general women have dirtier hands than men but further up north you go and you will find that it is indeed men that carry the most bacteria on the hands. We now […]

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat for men

Yves Saint Laurent have just introduced Touche Eclat for men unfragranced. Gone are the days men steal beauty products from their partners. This year ‘guy liner’ and ‘man-scara’ was also introduced to the market by Superdrug. Touch Eclat will encourage men to hide flaws rather than go for a full face of heavy make up.

Skipping for exercise instead of going to the gym

With many people feeling the pinch when it comes down to lifestyle, many have opted out of expensive gym memberships. There are many cost effective ways to lose weight and save money. Skipping is said to burn the most calories and will cost nothing. A good skipping rope will cost around £6; aim to skip […]