Why organic food is better for healthy living

While a long time ago organic foods were for people with specific health conditions, today organic produce can be found in almost any supermarket and is on tongue’s tip of everyone. But, the word organic is often confused with natural, free range or hormone free. It is important to note that organic means “food that […]

Eco friendly and green carpet cleaning

All homeowners at some point will need to have their carpets cleaned thoroughly. Years ago people used to buy their own carpet cleaners as most houses were carpeted throughout. Nowadays people are opting to have most rooms with wooden or laminate floors as the cleaning and upkeep is minimal in comparison to cleaning carpets regularly. […]

Soap nuts review

A little while ago I decided to try soap nuts as an alternative to buying washing powder. Although washing powder leaves my clothes smelling exotic towels and clothes such as jumpers and jeans fell really hard like starch has been added to them. After reading reviews in soap nuts I decided to give them a […]

Benefits of organic living

The consciousness of health problems, and the wish to live green, has led people to choose the best option for them, that is to adopt organic living. Organic living refers to organic food, organic clothes, ornanic furniture, organic skin care and so on. Anything that claims to be organic has certain restrictions, thus you can’t […]

Soap nuts

As we all try to save money and live greener lifestyle, I take a look at the ingenious soapods (soap made from nuts) and how they can transform your laundry. Looking in to alternative ways to wash clothes will not only save money but also find new ways to save the planet. What are soapods? […]

Cleaning your home without the need for the bad chemicals

We all know chemicals are bad for us so as Kim and Aggie have started their series ‘How clean is your house’ this has prompted many people to use alternative cleaning products that are more environmentally friendly. As all household cleaning products contain some potentially harmful chemicals, a lot of care and safety has to […]