Boarding options for chickens

There have been many people who have taken to having pet chickens as a first step to leading a more self sufficient life style. Keeping chickens as pets can also be as rewarding as it is fun, chickens are easy to care for and very cheap (after egg production starts). Many families have adopted chickens […]

Boarding options for micro pigs

All people who have pets will face the same problem when they decide to go on holiday, who will look after our pets? Common house pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and fish are most easy to find someone to care for them when you go away for a week or so. There are boarding […]

Micro pig scam

As more and more celebrities follow the trend of having a micro pig many average families have also decided to take the plunge too. Micro pigs have become extremely popular in the last 5 years but there is still a lack of reputable breeders as most people have given up their careers to invest in […]

Micro pig the latest pet craze

There seems to be a very strange craze involving miniature pigs lately, Victoria Beckham was rumoured to be buying one for David last year for Christmas latest celebrities that have a micro pig are Charlotte Church and Katie Price. Here in the UK the trend is still going strong with many families opting to have […]

Caring for a pet bird

Some birds in the wild live in large groups so it’s sometimes always better to have two birds for companionship. Get them at the same time to avoid jealousy. All birds need space to fly around and a stimulating environment.Plucking feathers can be a sign of stress and boredom, prevent this by having a second […]

Looking after a pet rabbit

Here is some helpful information for you to know before purchasing a pet rabbit. They need fresh water and exercise daily. You will need to make sure that your pet rabbit has clean water everyday. Rabbits also need exercise everyday in a safe grassy area.Their diet consists of grass, apple, carrot, rabbit pellets and hay. […]