Olympics traffic

Since the start of the Olympics on July 27th businesses have allowed staff to work from home and the Government has warned people not to travel unnecessarily to London unless absolutely needed, this has worked too well as people have heeded advice and not bothered at all. Roads are empty and London hasn’t ever looked […]

St Albans City campus parking

I have recently started an evening course at Oaklands College, St Albans City campus. Although all students get free bus travel to and from college it is a little inconvenient for me as they do not run often. As I am already a car driver I find it easier to just drive but then I […]

Mauritius underwater activities

There are plenty of Mauritius excursions that will interest and for the sea lover, it can be a challenge to choose from the many things that are available. Here’s a list of what you can do: Undersea walk Indeed, this is a reality in Mauritius. Being one of the few places in the world that […]

Expat Explore Europe Tour review

For a while my husband and I have been wanting to travel around Europe, we have seen the Caribbean, Turkey, Egypt, Spain and Cyprus but felt like we were not making the most of seeing the places closer to us in the UK. I had been searching for good deals where we can see a […]

Gondola ride in Venice

At the end of January I was in Venice for a few days as part of a European tour that I and hubby booked. I have always been put off by going to Venice as many people have said it’s far too expensive but as we didn’t have to pay any extra to visit we […]

HSBC fraud protection

In January I had a European tour booked where I would be travelling from place to place for two weeks. As I was unsure how much money to change beforehand I thought it would be best if I made sure that my account had sufficient funds and I would withdraw money as I needed it. […]

Golden Circle tour Iceland review

I recently visited Iceland for a short break and wanted to experience as much as possible in those few short days. Iceland is a very expensive place in the first place but with so many different things to do and experience it’s well worth saving up a little first and do everything the first time […]

Hotel Schutzen Switzerland review

As part of a Europe tour I stayed at Hotel Schutzen, Switzerland for two nights. It was organised as part of a group tour package but prices are typically £120 per person per night. We had been advised that accommodation in Switzerland was very expensive and we might have to share a room with up […]

Hotel Venezia Venice review

During my recent short break to Venice I checked into Hotel Venezia for two nights. Hotel Venezia is just 15 minutes from Venice with a bus service nearby; there is an abundance of shops in the vicinity for those that want to stock up on leather goods or good quality Italian clothing. The hotel is […]

Forest Hill Hotel Paris Review

Two weeks ago as part of a tour of Europe I stayed at Forest Hill Hotel, 15 minutes away from the centre of Paris. After checking in and leaving my belongings in my room I went out to explore Paris in the evening. Upon my return a few hours later to my horror another person […]