10 things you should never have to pay for

Credit record repair – if you have bad credit it will stop you from getting loans, a mortgage and even a mobile phone. You may be tempted to contact companies that promise to repair your record quickly, there is no such thing so contact credit expert Experian for free advice to get your credit score higher again.

Help with Debts – if you have large debts mounting and you need help the last thing you want to do is pay someone for advice. You’ll find that these companies will contact you from letters or automatic cold calling. Why should you pay for advice that is given out for free? There are many organisations some run by the government that offer help and advice free. You can even look on the internet and join forums that share experiences and advice.

Password help –
if you have joined a site and forgotten your password the quickest way to rectify the problem is by email, it’s free too. All companies have a premium rate number that charge you whilst someone just resets your password. You can email or even follow step by step instructions to help you reset it yourself without being left on hold whilst you pay for the call.

Claiming benefits –
there are helplines that are charging up to £40 for information that is available free. You can contact citizens advice bureau or even visit the direct.gov website for free information of benefits available to you.

Fraud – many people are aware of fraud so if you are a victim or suspect someone of fraud you can get advice on what to do next. Unfortunately there are websites that are set up with a premium rate number that charges you for them providing advice that is free elsewhere. There are organisations that have a free phone number or the internet that has a wide range of resources to help you for free.

Problems with eBay and PayPal – as they deal with a large volume of transactions daily and worldwide there is a small chance of problems arising. If you do need help then don’t turn to auction helplines to give you advice whilst they charge you £1.50 for it. Instead contact eBay and PayPal directly you won’t be charged and you won’t have a third party involved.

Reclaiming mi-sold protection payment insurance – or PPI’s as they almost often referred to, there are many companies advertising their services but they will need to be paid for their help. Don’t part with your compensation search online for free help to get your money back free.

Contacting customer services –
if for whatever reason you cannot find a number of a company and need to call them don’t do it via a search engine. Go directly to the company website and get the number there. You will sometimes find it is free but if they do charge why not email instead.

Opening a bank account – as we all know if you want to open a new bank account then all you need to do is call up or pop into the bank of your choice. There is a company that is charging customers £99 to set up a bank account. They claim that they take the hassle and the paperwork away from you so you don’t have to worry. Opening a bank account is simple, all you need is proof of address and identity, and if you need help you can get it free by contacting citizen’s advice bureau.

Unwanted telephone calls – we all experience cold calling by sales staff in customer call centres or even automated messages by companies but should we really pay up to £100 a year to block these calls? Some companies charge you a fee each month to stop such calls but if you sign up with TPS and silent call-gard service you could stop all these nuisance calls for free. If you still get marketing calls you can contact TPS as these companies are breaking the law. It’s worth noting when you sign up as this expires every year, but don’t worry signing up every year is a small price to pay for a free service.