Animal centres facing crisis

2010/2011 is set to be the worst so far when it comes to receiving calls and requests to take in abandoned animals. Animal charities and rescue centres are preparing for an influx of unwanted pets as Christmas and New Year approaches as many will be forced to give up their beloved pets or some will just simply abandon them cruelly as they try to find a place in this world. More and more people have suffered this year as unemployment continues to increase and people are forced to tighten their grip on spending.

Most will agree that an extra £10 a month to feed a small pet is not much to contend with other financial restrictions such as health care, bedding and other items cost money that some families do not have. All animals are being received by animal shelters with horses, ponies, rabbits and chickens also being rejected by their owners. This is very sad to hear but like I said animals that require shelter outdoors will need regular maintenance and people just cannot afford it anymore.

This Christmas like all others animal shelters are looking for donations as they struggle to stay afloat, food, toys and bedding are welcome as it will help keep their costs down. People are not donating as much money to charities as they used to and if this continues animal centres will eventually close down as there are no funds to help them. Animal charities and shelters do not rely on the government for support but do rely on the public to donate money when they can.

As this winter continues to get colder there are many sick and injured animals that need constant care and a warm environment this means leaving the heating on a little longer and getting in more volunteers to help take dogs for walks.

Do not adopt a pet if you are unsure of the future as they will cost you a lot of money over time, if you have young children who desperately want a pet then start them off on something that has less maintenance and adult involvement such as fish or sea monkeys. They will soon learn to care about animals and hopefully put off having a higher maintenance pet until they are old enough to understand the burden it can have on adults and their wallets.

If you are an animal lover and have some money to spare then give it to you local animal shelter or better yet donate some food, canned, pouched or dry all donations are appreciated and you can be happy to know that you may have just saved an abandoned pet from starving.