Avon cosmetics – Review

Avon cosmetics have been around for the last 50 years and during this time have vastly expanded their range. I remember as a child my mum would order perfume, creams and make up for herself and gift sets for friend’s birthdays. Nowadays Avon now sells lingerie, sleepwear, jewellery, health and fitness equipment and many more. With a dedicated customer service team I have found that ordering over the internet is much convenient and sometimes cheaper than waiting for the local Avon representative. Ordering Avon online you can be sure that products and offers are still valid and in stock. In the past by ordering through a representative the offers finish and stock runs low.

Is Avon cheaper than other branded cosmetics?
Some products are cheaper whereas some such as foundations can be slightly more than standard foundation sold by L’Oreal, Maybelline and Max Factor. I do find that the choice for makeup is a very wide range. Buying gifts from Avon is also very simple as there is so much to choose from including jewellery and spa products.

Sign up to Avon’s A list
Avon has recently started a new scheme where you collect loyalty points depending on how much you spend. Since I have a wedding to attend I know I will be spending a lot of money on Avon cosmetics in the next few months. Whilst I was ordering the other day I signed up to Avon’s A list, what I should’ve checked first is how much points you need to reach each level. The offers change every 3 weeks and you even get special offers especially for you on your birthday. As an A-list member ordering and reordering is much easier and keeping track of orders better too.

There are 3 levels copper, bronze, silver, gold and platinum after you have reached the highest level (platinum) you can still take advantage of the offers in the levels below. You need to order at least once a year to keep points accumulating otherwise the slate will be wiped clean.

After 30 points you can start redeeming against the offers in the bronze level, these are the points needed for each level.
Copper- up to 29 points
Bronze- 30 – 59 points
Silver- 60 – 99 points
Gold- 100 – 249 points
Platinum – over 250 points

Avon and Charity
As part of being a customer for Avon you can help support charities such as Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. There are often products that support the charities and when bought a percentage is given to them to help support these charities. There are also exclusive gifts that can be bought for Breast Cancer that are not sold anywhere else, keep an eye out for these offers and help make a difference today.