Baby proofing home

When you have children you will find that your home is not as baby friendly as you may think. Most people will move things around and buy child friendly products whereas some will just wait until baby is here to see what changes are needed in the home. There is no need to have a complete home makeover as they smallest things can be done on even a tiny budget to ensure that your home is ‘baby proof’.

How to baby proof home?

You won’t really need to take any action until baby is able to crawl usually from 6-7 months onwards, if a child does something naughty like starts pulling on trawling floor wires don’t shout but gently explain that it is naughty. If you have a big reaction they will just do it again, find calm ways of teaching babies and young children right from wrong.

Fireplace – if you have a fireplace or back boiler it may be worth buying a barrier to form around the area to prevent little ones from getting too close. They are cheap and can be made by yourself if you are a good tradesman

Oven – ovens can get hot and when children start crawl and walk you may need to buy a sheet that protects the oven door so if little hands were to get too close they don’t get burnt

Sockets – sockets that are low level can cause problems as little fingers like to poke into the small holes, you can get bundles of socket protectors off the internet cheaply

Stairs – as babies learn to walk they will be eager to climb up and down the stairs, this is dangerous without adult supervision as they can tumble down the stairs causing serious injury, a stair guard can prevent this from happening. They sometimes come in packs of two and double up as a room divider

Sharp furniture corners – not all tables and chairs have rounded edges, you can take purchase clear bumpers that stick onto such edges to prevent bruises

Floors – if you have wooden or laminate floors then check that there are no dangerous connections as babies will end up scraping knees and elbows on poorly laid flooring. Also check the floor strips that connect rooms as they sometimes have nails that stick out over the top, they can cause serious injuries to little knees

There are so many dangers that lurk within the home but you won’t know exactly what they are until your child is old enough to explore. Don’t buy child proofing kits from supermarkets or baby shops as they will overcharge you, look on the internet as you can buy most of these essential items are used.