Babybond Golders Green review

Before I even got pregnant I always knew that I wanted to have a 4D san of my baby before he/she  was born, so when I did my baby budget I also included £200 for a private scan package so I wouldn’t be left short when the time came. A year after the budget was made I am now 30 weeks pregnant and went for my 4D scan at Golders Hill health Centre in Golders Green.

What is a 3D/4D scan compared to 2D?

A 2D scan is what is normally offered in all NHS hospitals as part of your antenatal care and so see of the baby is growing properly and to determine an accurate due date. 2D scans are flat images that are black and white and show an outline or skeletal image of the baby. A 3D image is shows you the features such as ears, eyes, nose and body parts such as the legs and arms. It is also more realistic and looks more like a photograph of the baby than a scan image. 4D is basically moving 3D images of the baby moving in ‘live time’ you can see things such as kicking, smiling, sucking their thumb, yawning and sticking their tongue out. It is also easier to determine the sex of the baby as it would be very hard to miss at this stage and with better imaging.

I know most people will not be able to justify the cost of a 3D/4D scan but it was one of those things that I wanted and I planned and saved the money long before I fell pregnant, but the money was never the issue in the first place. I wanted to find a place that was well known and had many satisfied customers and reviews.

Like all private 3D scan companies they cannot guarantee a good clear picture, it also depends on the co-operation from the baby and the size. If the baby is in a good position you will get good pictures if you are further along the baby may be squashed because they have run out of room so the pictures will not be varied.

Babybond Golders Green

I wanted my family to experience this with me as it is my first child and the first grandchild for my mum, I emailed and was told that up to 4 people could come in with me. I took along my husband (of course), mother, sister and my 76 year old grandmother. Being 76 my grandmother never had scans in her days for any of her four children as they didn’t exist then. She also never got to see her children have scans so I thought it would be a good experience for her to see how technology had evolved and we could now see our future children in 3D beforehand. The Golders Green centre have a small parking at the rear of the building for their clients but as appointments are on a Sunday you can park on the road outside if you wish too. If you have to use the A406 leave in good time as the traffic is really bad due to the road works that have been ongoing for the last few years. To enter you need to use the side entrance where there is a bell for Babybond.

We were 20 minutes late due to the horrible traffic but we were welcomed and told that they were also running behind by 20 minutes so we waited in a very cosy and clean lounge area. The receptionist brought down the paperwork and I signed and paid the remainder of the scan, they only ask for a deposit of £30 at the time of booking to secure the appointment. You can pay the rest on the day; I went for option II that was £179, so I paid the remaining balance of £149 by card when I arrived.

After a little while we went to the top floor but there is a lift should you need to use it, on the top floor there is another little waiting area where you can see a few pictures of previous 3D scans. We then went in and were greeted by a male sonographer. He took down my estimated due date and put warm jelly on my stomach area, it starts of in 2D then switches to 4D. It was amazing to see my little person with little features staring back at me. We didn’t want to know the sex so the sonographer told us to look away when he had to measure the femur (leg bone).

We got to see our baby move, make faces, stick out his tongue and open his eyes. It was an amazing experience and wasn’t rushed at all. We got a 15 minute DVD of the scan in 4D and another CD with all the pictures; we got 4 or 5 thermal 3D pictures and many more black and white printouts too. I really enjoyed the scan and thought that it was professional and fabulous; it only took 5 minutes to make the DVD, CD and print out the pictures.

Babybond in Golders Green was excellent and ideal as they did them on a Sunday making it more convenient for those who work during the week. There are many other clinic locations but my experience was for the one at Golders Green and I couldn’t fault it.