There can be many reasons for people to go bald; most of the time you will find that baldness is hereditary.  Research has found that baldness can be inherited from either the mother or father and can affect both men and women; unfortunately there isn’t much you can do for premature baldness.

Preventing Baldness

The main reason for baldness is hereditary from the genes of your parents and ancestors but with the stressful lives that many people have these days, this is a contributor to baldness. By changing your lifestyle, this can help prevent baldness through eating healthier food and exercising. Staying away from salts, fats and protein can help hair grow and acids are a main reason why hair follicles are destroyed.

Treatments for baldness

There are many products that claim to prevent baldness but there is no such cure; most of the time baldness is hereditary or brought on by short term or long term stress. There are so many scams circulating and preying on peoples fear of losing hair – do not become a victim of these scams. There are many people who live in the Far East who believe that if you apply oil to the hair, it will stimulate growth. Of course there are no such evidence to prove this but many people still believe in this tradition.

Prescription medicine can also help when there is some hair loss; the younger the patient the more successful the treatment. There are shampoos and hair lotions that can be rubbed into the scalp and in most cases available through the NHS.

The next option is a hair transplant – this is where a strip of hair follicles are taken further down from the crown and individually transplanted to areas that need it most. There are many celebrities who have undergone this procedure with satisfactory results.

Being bald isn’t the end of the world for men as some women find it very attractive – notice how there are athletes and celebrities who are also bald and still have admiring female fans.