Booking a hotel for less

If you want to save some money whilst booking your hotel yourself then there are some tips that you can follow to make sure you get the best price possible and avoid paying inflated hotel costs. In most cases it does work out cheaper to go to a travel agent and get a package holiday but for most places throughout Europe you could save up to 70% by shopping around and doing it yourself.

Last minute booking or early booking?

Both! If you can book at least 8 months to a year in advance you can get a really good deal that you probably won’t see nearer to the time. But there are some locations that are better holding off for and waiting last minute. A prime example is Paris, this is the capital and most romantic place to visit, but with the average hotel bill in the capital being £500 for only a few nights the costs can soon mount up. By waiting a week or so before travelling you can get good deals to 5 star hotels for as little as £149 for 3 nights including breakfast. The same goes for holidays to the Caribbean wait last minute and you can save up to £700 off the price of a holiday.

Supermarket shopping
If you have a Tesco clubcard or Sainsbury’s nectar card you could exchange the points for amazing hotel deals. With the average family of 4 spending at least £80-£120 a week on food you could be missing out on some potentially good hotel deals.

Hotel only web deals

By looking of for hot deals by online travel agents that specialise in hotel stays you can get heavily discounted hotel rates. There are some websites that also offer a price match guarantee so if you find it cheaper elsewhere they’ll refund you the difference. National and local newspapers also have good deals such as collecting tokens and paying only the flight costs, if you do spot a good deal hurry up and book it as they will sell fast.

Travel during off peak season
We all know that when there is a public holiday or school holiday that the prices shoot up. If you do not have any children then make the most of it by booking out of these times. When hotel rooms are in demand they charge more so go before a school/public holiday or after. Not only will the service be better but chances are you will have most of the hotel to yourself.

Secret hotels
If you like surprises then why not save some money by opting for a secret hotel. This is a service that only a few travel agents provide. You choose a location and the travel company books the hotel for you with up to 45% discount on the hotel rates, after payment has gone through you will then be told of your secret hotel.