Boost fertility and get pregnant by eating the right food

If you want to get pregnant, there are natural ways to help yourself conceive and that’s by eating the right food to aid conception. Eating the right foods will not only help you conceive quicker but help you to eat right from the start and passing on the natural goodness to your growing baby.

Food that aid pregnancy

Spinach – spinach has a natural source for folic acid so eating your greens will help prevent spinal deformities

Orange juice – one glass a day will help maintain a healthy immune system with vitamin C and it’s also a rich source of folate, vitamin C is also good for fertility

Tea – is a natural source of antioxidants and research shows that tea drinkers are most likely to get pregnant quicker

Vitamin B6 – this is a reproductive hormone regulator most often found in tuna, banana and chicken

Olive oil – this is also a good insulin resister and good source of fat that women also need

Royal jellyresearch has showed that as little as 500mg twice a day can double fertility rate

Fish limit to only twice a week due to potential mercury content and try to eat oily fish only such as mackerel

Plenty of fruit it can be fresh, tinned, dried or as a fresh fruit drink, aim for at least 5 portions a day

Starchy foods such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, go for wholegrain if possible

Protein rich foodsuch as fish, chicken and lean meat, eggs and pulses such as beans and lentils

Fibre this will prevent constipation so eat wholegrain bread, pasta, rice, vegetables and pulses

Dairy these contain calcium to maintain healthy strong bones, so include milk, cheese and yoghurt in your daily diet

Breakfast cereals – these also contain folic acid to aid baby development

Eating for two is a myth and you should aim to eat 6 times a day, 3 main meals and snacks in between. If you are in doubt due to any medical conditions, you may find it’s best to see the doctor before changing your diet.

Organic food

Organic food is generally more expensive as non organic food contains growth hormones and other bad stuff that you shouldn’t consume whilst pregnant. Meat should also be organic if possible as sometimes non organic meat contains antibiotics that can be potentially harmful to babies.