Bosch Rotak 40 lawnmower review

The last time I cut my grass with a lawnmower I broke it! I had borrowed my mother’s cheap lawnmower in the hope of saving me some money before I decide on a brand that I trust. Due to the engine being less powerful and not knowing how to adjust the blade height I accidently snuffed it. I then had to fork out nearly £100 for a new one and vowed never to borrow it again.

So now it is a year later and I still hadn’t gotten round to choosing let alone buy a new lawnmower. Since I have quite a large garden over 80ft in length I was sure that a petrol lawnmower would be the best purchase for me, but after doing some reading I found that electric lawnmowers can be just as powerful and reliable if not better. Since I had bought my mum a Bosch Rotak lawnmower I decided to take a look at the higher end to see if they were any good.

I came across the Bosch Rotak 40 Electric rotary lawnmower, after reading many reviews I was happy that this machine would be reliable and competent enough to carry out the work. Bearing in mind that I hadn’t cut my grass in over a year so my grass was very overgrown as much as 15cm. The Bosch Rotak 40 looked very impressive with its 50L capacity grass box and blades at the side of the lawnmower meaning it cuts grass closer to the edge. The best feature was how easy it is to select the blade height, there’s no need to manual change the blade height there is a handy lever on the front of the lawnmower clearly displaying the blade height.

Bosch Rotak 40 Electric rotary lawnmower

When you take it out the box there are a few things to assemble like the grass box collector, the lawnmower handles and clips to keep the wire secured to the handle. After that all you need to do is adjust the blade height by using the lever and you off to go. The handling of the lawnmower is effortless and there is no need to go over the same area twice, when the engine is about to cut off it lets you know so you can go easy on it. I only had to empty the grass box collection about three times for my huge garden whereas my neighbour next door constantly has to empty out his. After watching my husband doing the first half of the garden I was tempted to give it a go myself and found that everyone can use this lawnmower with minimal effort. It was definitely worth the £135 price tag but shop around as you can get it for as little as £119 but as I needed it the very same day I couldn’t wait a week for delivery.