Budget airlines vs big names

When we go on holiday, everyone wants so save a few pounds whether it’s from the flight, hotel or accommodation. This extra saving will only go on meals out, presents and excursions and if every little helps then why not? As we know there is much competition amongst budget airlines in a bid to attract more customers, so we should use this to our advantage? Probably yes but sometimes choosing a budget airline can actually cost more than the bigger named airlines.

Are cheap flights really that cheap?
When you look at the bigger picture, then no they aren’t that cheap to put it in simple terms. We take a look at all the costs to take into account when booking a cheap flight because you think it’ll save you some money:
Fares – fares are displayed for inbound and outbound journeys, sometimes you can get it cheap both ways and other times it’s more expensive on one of the dates
Taxes – you may have found the perfect cheap flight but when you add the tax it just doubled in price
Fuel – some airline companies charge you a supplement for fuel, this can be added at the end increasing the ‘cheap flight’ value
Check in fees – more ‘no thrills’ airlines are charging for check in inbound and outbound, adding an average of £15 to the flight
Meals – depending on how long the flight is, you may not require a meal but if you have a young child or an inconvenient flight time you may have no choice but to buy one. This can cost anywhere between £5 – £15 for a single meal
Booking fee – many airlines are cheeky and whilst some will charge you 2 – 2.5% of the amount payable, some will charge you £10 just to use your credit card. This is also unfair because they don’t let you use another form of payment that would be free on other airlines
Checked in baggage – you will most probably be charged for checking in a suitcase at the average cost of £35 and even then the weight restriction is a mere 25kg and if you go over the limit, you will be charged up to £35 a kilo
Musical instruments – most budget airlines will charge you around £40 to carry on an instrument on board or in the cargo hold
Prams – if you have a young child you may be lucky enough to be able to bring a pram on board for free but there are some airlines who will charge you a fee for storing it in the cargo hold

These are the hidden charges that are associated with cheap or bargain flights. If you think there is a catch, you’re probably right. Bigger named airlines such as Virgin, British Airways, Thomson, Thomas Cook, First Choice and Monarch clearly state what is included and define their prices better. Beware if you think you have found a good deal because the chances are you’ll pay over the odds.