Butterfly world, St Albans Review

Butterfly world is situated in St Albans and has been open for the past two years. By next year a big dome will built to house all the butterflies that are currently there and more. The entrance fee is currently £6 for adults and £4 for children (children under 3 go free). There are many large car parks so parking even during peak times should not be a problem and there is also an area reserved just for coaches.

The butterfly world experience

After some reading on the internet surrounding the sharp decline in butterflies I thought it would be nice to raise some awareness and visit Butterfly World in St Albans. I have a high performance DLSR camera and took the opportunity to take some wonderful photos. The butterfly house is actually very disappointing it’s very small even my garden is three times bigger. You basically walk into an enclosure that is lined with exotic trees and plants and butterflies are flying around you. Most of them are actually common and can be found in your garden but there are some that have been brought in from as far as South America and Africa. This is pretty much the main attraction in all it took around 10-15 minutes to look and take pictures of the various butterflies. The enclosure is like a greenhouse so it was very hot, especially now the weather has picked up I would advise against going on a really sunny day. When I visited it was cloudy but warm, in the butterfly enclosure it got very stuffy and irritable after a maximum of 15 minutes. If you have young children make sure they are hydrated.

I went on a Thursday afternoon and it was very empty which was nice as you could take your time. After the main attraction of the butterflies I went on to have a stroll, there are designer gardens but to be honest they were really boring! There is a small manmade lake after the designer gardens, but there want anything special about them. Then there was an Ivan Hicks leaf garden than was basically some oversized garden items such as plant pots, hand fork and a ball of twine.

On the other side there is a caterpillar garden and a butterfly breeding house. The caterpillar house was nothing special just hard to find caterpillars on various plants. The breeding house for the butterflies was the same, a small glass box with butterflies hatching. There was also an education centre where it showed the various stages of a caterpillar’s life before turning into a butterfly.

There is a cafe that was very overpriced so I skipped this and went to the gift shop. There were many novelty items such as fridge magnet, garden accessories and useful butterfly information. At the back there was a small flower nursery, to my surprise they were really dull. All the flowers and plants had no life, just really plain. They are also ridiculously overpriced so beware! You local garden centre sells the same crap just cheaper.

If you think that butterfly world is a good day out I would suggest you go to a park instead. It was a rip off! £6 entry for a handful of rare butterflies, a manmade lake, a children’s play area that was closed and a gift shop that sold junk, save your money. I went there thinking I could spend half a day strolling around a enjoying the sights, but there was nothing to see and I was done after an hour!