Buying and selling on eBay – is it safe?

If you asked anyone about eBay 10 years ago many people would’ve just looked at you dumbfounded, but roll on another 10 years and eBay is now an internet sensation. Originally eBay was set up as a means for people to auction off unwanted items old or new, now you can set up small businesses and operate through eBay.

As eBay has improved security over the years there are now procedures in place that protect the buyer more so than the seller. Many large and small businesses use eBay as another way of selling their products on a top rated website. If you asked me a few years ago to buy something on eBay I would’ve been offended. eBay not only sell old items but there are many things you can buy that are new. In fact since buying my first home I have bought most of my furniture and other items such as, mattress, laptop battery, memory cards and so much more, all new and in their original packaging.

Is eBay really cheaper than other online retailers?

After using eBay to buy a lot of personal items and also do some research I have found in 95% of the case it is cheaper to buy through eBay. For example when I was looking to buy a new memory foam mattress and pillows it was costing well over £600 in the shops, £400 online and around £150 on eBay for everything including delivery. I was also looking for a new battery for my laptop and found it on Amazon, before I went through to pay for it I decided to look on eBay. I found that the same seller on Amazon was selling it for £5 less with free delivery saving me a total of £10!

I have also found that when you go to sellers that have set up small business and are selling ‘buy it now’ items if you visit their eBay shop you can also get it cheaper. It’s weird but true. Just recently I bought a makeup set from a seller on eBay I didn’t realise that they already had a website, when my order arrived I noticed they had a web address and decided to have a look. The makeup set I bought from eBay was actually cheaper on their website. This very rarely happens but in this case eBay was not the cheaper option.

The same goes for used items there are many things such as baby items that are really expensive but sell for less than half the retail price on eBay. You can make a bigger saving if you find a seller that is willing to let you pick it up, you therefore save on postage but it only works if they are in close proximity and the item is fairly useful. Happy Bidding!