Tidying cables so that your rooms look neater

The modern way to watch TV nowadays is to hang it on the wall. The only problem with this is the unsightly cables that are visible below the TV. The solution to unsightly cables is simple – cable tidies. Cables tidies come in many different colours so it should be easy to disguise TV cables. Most cable tidies look like a thick flexible cable that allows other wires to be hidden inside to look like just one cable. They can also come in the form of a long tube that disguises wires in the same way.

You can also purchase a computer cable tidy to keep PC wires out of sight. There are a few desks that already have slots at the back of the computer to disguise wires. So if you are lucky to have this type of desk then a PC cable tidy is not needed.

There are also floor cable tidy available to purchase, they work in the same way but disguise wires on the floor leaving more room without tripping up.