How to care for small animals?

It’s difficult trying to decide on what animal you should have as a first pet.

The most common has to be fish. They are simple to care for and they won’t make a mess. There are many to choose from, from goldfish to blue tails. All you need is a fish bowl/tank, a place to put it (like a shelf) and some fish food. The downsides are you can’t pet them or give them a cuddle all you can do is watch them swim around also at least once a week you will need to change the water.

Then there are hamsters, they need room so they will need a cage to live in, some straw to keep them comfortable and dried food that you purchase from pet shops. They are small, cute and fluffy and you can let them out of their cage to play with them. You have to be very careful because they can easily run away. My brother had one he told my Nan he was just nipping out the room for a minute, she said she’d look after him and she forgot. He got away and we never saw him again. Although my brother was upset it was his own fault for not putting him back in his cage. Also you need to clean the cage regularly as the hamster will eat, sleep and poo in the cage and this can be messy and smelly.

Rabbits are also a popular choice for a pet, they are cute, cuddly and they are too big to run away. They live in a hutch, which is a bit like a small wooden house, and they have straw as bedding. They eat mostly vegetables like carrot, cabbage and lettuce, and they like to hop around a lot on grass. I had a friend who had a pet rabbit, she built a gate in the garden so it could run free but she hated cleaning the hutch because it does become smelly. She went away for a weekend and got her aunt to feed her rabbit while she was away. Unfortunately a fox got into the garden and somehow managed to free the rabbit and she never saw him again.

Many children love cats they purr when you stroke them and they can be very affectionate. They do need to be vaccinated against diseases and fleas and that can be expensive. You also have to but cat food and litter training can be difficult.

This is also the same for dogs you have to take them for walks at least twice a day and make sure they are vaccinated. They can be very demanding.

Young children also seem to be curious about reptiles like lizards and iguanas. They eat mainly fruit and specially prepared food that can be bought in pet shops. They need a light on them all the time as they need the warmth, they are used to very hot conditions. Most parents don’t like reptiles as pets because they don’t look very friendly. They might need a bit more convincing.

When buying your first pet there are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration.

Who will look after your pet when you go on holiday? If a friend can’t look after them it might mean someone will have to stay behind.

Does your pet need special food from a pet shop? If so how often will you need to go and buy it.

Does your pet need to be vaccinated? If they do how much will it cost and will you be able to afford it.

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