Cars during the riots

As tonight seems to be yet another night of violence and lawlessness I am amazed at the amount of road closures that have been put in place but they are not common knowledge. As expected to prevent even more criminal damage to unsuspecting motorist’s roads have been closed and diversions have been put in place to the most high risk areas. But even then cars that are stationary are also being vandalised and innocent motorists are being dragged out of their cars whilst yobs attack and set fire to their vehicles.

Many homes in and around London do not have private driveways or garages so if you are unfortunate enough to live in a built up area and also own a car you may find that your vehicle may get caught up in the current riots. It is a shame when you cannot leave your car outside your own home without fear of it getting set on fire.

As cars have been abandoned in various riot hotspots it hasn’t been possible to remove them in time before the violence gets worse, as a result of this cars that have been left behind have been set on fire and left to burn. This is very dangerous as there are also risks of explosion due to the fuel in the vehicles on fire. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to prevent cars from being vandalised apart from avoiding such areas and possibly parking in residential areas away from town centres and city centres. We can only hope that all this violence and burning of cars stop soon.