Celebrities targeted by fraudsters

Most people are likely to become a victim of fraud at some point in their life and just because you may be a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re immune either. There have been many celebrities who have also been a victim of fraud and we look at some of the celebrities targeted by fraudsters here.

Celebrity fraud victims
Jeremy Clarkson – he was so confident that fraudsters would not be able to steal his details that he published them in a newspaper. It was later found out that someone was able to set up a £500 direct debit to the British Diabetic Society.
Lily Allen – a stripper somehow managed to get hold of Lily Allen’s personal details including her taxi account. She used it for weeks to get her to and from her job at a strip club. It was only a month later that Lily found out and put a stop to it.
Ricky Gervais – fraudsters cut out a picture of the comedian from the back of a DVD box and stuck it to an old passport. They managed to get nearly £200,000 out of his account before trying to purchase gold bars. They were only caught when the bullion dealer became suspicious as to why the comedian had to buy so much gold.
Alistair McGowan – he was fronting a TV campaign for fraud awareness when he threw unwanted items from his wallet into the bin. He didn’t know that a reporter was following him to make sure he was taking the advice he was dishing out to everyone. They found in the bin a debit card, an insurance card and membership to an actor’s union called Equity. Just goes to show that they don’t always follow the advice that they give out.
Harry Hill – he spotted some unusual transactions on his bank statements and made an appointment with the bank. They then spotted that he was a victim of a huge fraud plot that saw over £280,000 siphoned from his account. His personal details had been stolen and numerous accounts opened in his name.
Football star fraud – at the African Cups nation someone decided to put up all the players passport numbers along with personal details such as date of birth. Luckily it was spotted and soon taken down with no damage to the footballers.
Steven Spielberg – was among one of the victims of a £10million pound fraud. He was targeted by a dishwasher trainee who got the details from the Forbes rich list as well as internet research. He got enough information to open bank accounts and steal £10million from him before being caught.
Robert De Niro – his wife’s maid stole her credit card and passed it off as her own by buying upmarket clothing. When asked why she did it she replied because she wasn’t treated with respect.
Tiger Woods – when a man managed to get hold of Tiger’s social security number he managed to get a fake driving licence and credit cards to buy £10,000 worth of TV’s and stereos. Sadly for him this was his third offence and under California’s ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule he was given a 200 year prison sentence.
Will Smith – after an impersonator from Pittsburgh managed to open 14 credit cards in Will’s name he spent it buying £20,000 worth of goods. He was already on probation for stealing a basketball player’s identity after he stole £50,000 from credit cards. I guess he’ll never learn his lesson.

To protect yourself from identity fraud buy a shredder and shred all confidential paperwork which fraudsters could use to steal your identity. Keep track of your bank statements to spot any unusual transactions and never walk around with personal documentation unless needed.