China Star Chinese Restaurant review – Cheshunt

After months of searching for a good local Chinese restaurant near Waltham Cross, Enfield and Cheshunt a colleague told me of a good restaurant in Cheshunt called China Star. I called up and made a reservation for Valentine’s Day. As its just off the main high road in Cheshunt the first thing you will notice is there is no parking but if you take the first left after the restaurant there is a car park where you can park for free after 6pm.

As you walk in to the restaurant you are greeted by friendly smiling waitresses waiting to seat you, if you do not like the table they are happy to seat you elsewhere. The decor is very nice and authentic and the lighting and music was really soothing. For Valentine’s Day there were candles on the table and roses everywhere. We were given enough time to choose our food and asked if we wanted them in order of dish or all together. I ordered the crab and sweet corn soup and it was very delicious, soon after the man course was served.

As there are so many options to choose from it’s very difficult to decide what to choose for a main, I chose the shredded duck with some rice a vegetables as a side. My partner chose sweet and sour chicken with noodles. As we enjoy spicy food we had to ask for some chilli but all they have is chilli oil which is a bit disappointing. A small portion of rice is actually quite a lot even for two people so I would only order one. The services are very efficient but beware when they serve you because they do charge you for that.

At the end of the meal you can ask for the desert menu, they have ice cream filled into little porcelain mugs that they wash and you can take home with you. For Valentine’s Day they all had hearts on the cups. For children they have cartoon character cups such as Tweety, Sylvester and the Coyote.

Overall the food and service was very it was so good that we go for birthdays, anniversaries and whenever we have a lazy weekend. Due the food being inexpensive but very delicious you can expect to pay under £100 for a group of 5. I do recommend this restaurant as they have everything even the lobster is exquisite try it once and you’ll keep coming back.