Choosing a baby video monitor

As a mother of a young child I cannot always be there to keep an eye on my little one, the dishes need washing, dinner to cook and of course when I go to bed at night. Thankfully you can get baby monitors so you can be sure that your little one is ok, they are by no means a substitute to parenting but it means you can wash the dishes while you baby is playing or sleeping and still able to keep an ear or eye on them.

When I first fell pregnant I was happy to buy a monitor that had a sensor pad to make sure that baby was moving and breathing ok, when I told hubby he insisted that we get a video monitor instead. If you are on a budget then it will be hard to find one cheap unless it’s not got very good night vision or its second hand. After do much research we found that the video monitor is the way to go rather than the standard sound monitors.

You do need to spend at least £120 for a decent one though so unless you intend to use all the functions you could settle for a less expensive one instead. My little on is over three months now and sleeps through the night it’s a shame that we need to keep her downstairs while we watch TV instead of putting her in her crib. If she was to cry we wouldn’t hear a thing as the house it too big. It also looks like she’ll be outgrowing her crib soon so we might have to put her in her own room before the ‘recommended’ 6 months, then we will need a monitor for sure.

What’s important in a video monitor?
These features are what I need them to have and not necessary what all parents look for in a monitor. I need:
Clear night vision
Temperature indication
Light indications for movement
Zoom, pan and tilt
The ability to link to a TV or pc
Night light
2 way talk back
… I could go on

For me having a video monitor is important as my child grows and I need to make sure she is ok without disturbing her. Read reviews well and research before forking out an average of £150 for a video monitor.