Cineworld Wood Green -Review

For my mums birthday she wanted to see a new film at the Cinema, we agreed to take her out as a treat and watch a family film. We went to Cineworld Wood Green as we hadn’t been there for at least 2 years, there are also loads of places to eat after wtahcing the film.

As we arrived the qeue was very long so we waited, I was a little disappointed to see they didn’t have any self service machines as this would have saved a lot of uneccesary witing. After 15 minutes standing in the qeue it only took a minute to issue tickets. We arrived to the cinema usher who asked us to wait 10 seconds before we could be let in? 10 seconds it was a little silly and when she did let us in we laughed in her face for being an idiot. The screen number was 12 and we had to go down the escalator, it was broken! There was popcorn all over it and the hand rail was dirty! The last time we came which was two years ago it was broken then and it still is now.

As we arrived to the screen I went to the toilet first before seeing the movie, it is small and smells like week old urine! When i washed my hands there was no hot water, how are supposed to stop the spread of germs, bacteria and swine flu if there is no hot water! I will be complaining to health and safety about this. I went to the screen and it said Sherlock Holmes due to start in 40 minutes? I went on ahead anyway and found the same people in my que had already seated. I went on to find 5 seats togethwe and was horrified. They were absolutely filthy and the floor was even worse! I didn’t want to take my coat off but then again i didnt want it to get dirty.

The movie started 5 minutes late and there were half an hour of adverts before the film was actually shown. The film itself was fantastic but the service and comfort was non existant, the whole cinema is dirty and poorly run. There were a lot of ticket dodgers that kept popping in and out of films; you could see them outside other screenings as well trying to talk their way in.

If you want a good night out where you can get dressed up and watch a movie in comfort stay at home, Cineworld is very downmarket i wouldn’t advise it to anyone!