Cleaning blinds

As blinds become a more popular way of shielding prying eyes through the window many people find them easier to manage and cheaper to fit than traditional curtains. Some people have blinds in certain rooms such as the conservatory, bathroom, kitchen and study. Blinds are better suited to rooms that need more light such as a small box room or a home office, you can adjust the slats so that you can control how much light you want. They are also very handy when you have a lounge that is always sunny, if there is glare on a television you can adjust the blinds so that you can watch television comfortably without being in the dark completely, this would be the case if you had curtains. To watch television without the sun ruining the image you would need to draw the curtains on a sunny day then switch on the light.

How to clean blinds

Over time dust will build up over the blinds so you will need to clean them, if you have them in the kitchen then you will find that there is a layer of grease that comes from cooking. Dust is easier to clean off blinds than grease so here are a few options to consider.

  • Hosing blinds in the garden whilst draped over the washing line, you can also use a light cleaning solution to spray on then wash off without damaging them.
  • Wear gloves and then cover with a cloth or sock that has been drenched in cleaning fluid or rubbing alcohol and wipe over blinds, the dirt should come off easily
  • If there is bad weather or it is winter then soak them in the bathtub using dishwashing liquid, rinse the dry with a towel
  • Most vacuum cleaners come with an attachment you can use on blinds and curtains; they have a soft bristle brush, which works well on dusty blinds

I would check the blinds well before soaking them in water as most blinds have some parts that are metal, so by soaking them or wetting them it may cause rust. The best solution I have found are blind dusters, they can be used without a solution, wet or dry and cleans three slats at a time. The cloth used is microfibre so the dust just clings on, you can re-use it over and over again as it is also machine washable. For less than £5 you can save yourself lots of time when cleaning blinds without the need to take them down and hose them. If you have greasy blinds or blinds that have stubborn stains die to kitchen use then you will need to use a cleaning fluid, find one that will not damage the blinds or cause parts to rust.