Cleaning grease and food off stainless steel oven

One very exciting part of re-designing your new kitchen is choosing the appliances that will last for years to come. White appliances are no longer fashionable as most homeowners opt for stainless steel instead. Stainless steel appliances go with all colour kitchens whether they are modern or classic, they also do not show up as dirty as white appliances sometimes do, so you can get away with cleaning only once a week if you are very busy.

Many people spend a small fortune on their oven to make sure it looks nice and is also functional but in time grease will build up on it making it harder to shift and leave it looking old and dirty. Ovens quickly build up grease and food stains but because the glass door conceals the ugly truth we are more likely to give it a miss most weeks cleaning.

Although there are endless cleaning products advertised that claim they cut through grease and dried food stains not all of them actually do the job it claims to. I have spent too much money on different cleaning solutions for my oven to help it regain its shiny appeal it once had 2 years ago. After using probably every cleaning product available I have found that only one actually does the job.

Cutting through the grease in the oven

I find that if I spray Cif a leave it for two minutes all the grease comes off effortlessly with a measly cloth, no need for scrubbing or elbow grease. After all the grease is cleaned off I use a glass cleaner to make the viewing window clean and clear. I sometimes have to take the oven door apart so it can clean in between the glass panes where grease builds up but I only need to do this once a year if that.

Cif also works brilliantly inside the oven cutting through a year’s worth of build up dried food, the oven is now gleaming. The oven shelves are also sparkling and I am amazed that for less than £5 I have an oven to be proud of. Just be careful of using cheap sponges on stainless steel they can leave scratches, use a good quality non-scratch sponge on such appliances.

To clean the stainless steel surface use a stainless steel cleaning product it will retain shine without leaving any smear marks, they work well with the toaster and kettle too.