Cleaning stainless steel appliances

Most households have items in the house that are stainless steel whether it being appliances or door handles. Stainless steel can be hard to clean as you can’t use any abrasive cleaning agents or persistent scrubbing. Many people use soap and water to clean most things but this can leave a murky residue and leave appliances looking even worse than before.

You can save money by buying a microfibre cloth they are specially designed to clean and not leave behind and smear marks. They work well for windows too so you can use the same cloth for different purposes.

If you have stainless steel items that require a solution to clean them with then try stainless steel cleaners, though they are a little expensive you don’t need to use it as much or as often as you would other cleaning products. Appliances such as the coffee maker, kettle and toaster are sometimes harder to clean if they have built up grease and dirt, stainless steel cleaners will clean off the dirt and restore the metal so that it’s shiny and clean again.

A cheaper method is to use white vinegar as this also works well on stainless steel, cuts through grease while also making it shiny and new again. Always try cleaning stainless steel using a cotton cloth if this doesn’t help shift the grease or dirt then move on to a non-scratch sponge so you don’t damage any of the surface.

Stainless steel cleaning products also help stop the appliance building up dirt and grease by creating a protective layer around it. They can smell a little strong so make sure windows are open and the room is well ventilated.

If you have tips on cleaning stainless steel then share them here by adding a comment below.