Consumer Rights

Do you know your consumer rights when it comes to money spent in shops? Take a look at some cases below:

Scenario 1: if you were looking at an item in a shop and the it fell and broke, do you have to pay for it?
The answer is yes but you only pay the wholesale price and notthe retail price. Shops are not allowed to make a profit on breakages.

Scenario 2: if you have bought a product that was priced incorrectly but you have already paid for the product, can the shop make you pay the difference?
The answer is no – they cannot make you pay the difference as you have already paid for the item and it is yours now.

Scenario 3: You go to a restaurant but don’t like the food, do you have to pay?
The answer is no. As long as you leave your name and address, the police cannot be involved.

Scenario 4: There is a sign at a restaurant, bar, hairdressers saying ‘items left at owner’s risk’ and your personal belonging is then damaged, what happens next?
You are entitled to a replacement to the value of the damaged or lost item.

Scenario 5: You are paying for an item at the till but when you come to pay, it’s more than what it said on the shelf, does the store have the right to make you pay what it says at the till?
It depends – larger companies will honour the price seen but it’s at the managers discretion as they do not automatically have to agree.

Scenario 6: You are at a shopping centre and trying out clothes in one of the changing rooms; your clothes go missing. Is the shop liable?
Yes they are because they have a duty to protect your items; the missing items must be replaced by the store.

If you disagree with having to pay something whether it’s an unfair charge in a restaurant or a film you haven’t watched in a hotel write ‘under protest’ on the bill and you can later challenge them and get your money back.