Control pants, what they do and how they work?

As men and women both continue to struggle to shift the extra weight put on over the Christmas period many have started to cheat instead. Over the last 6 weeks control pants, magic knickers or shape wear (some of the names they are referred to) have increased in sales. And with the release of shape wear for men being as popular as shape wear for women it’s easy to see how gyms are still struggling to hold on to or recruit new gym members.

Although there is no scientific research confirming this, many people believe e that control pants may in time cause the wearer to lose some inches as the area is compressed and toxins and sweat are released from the body. Some manufacturers have also released shape wear that promises to reduce cellulite and improve appearance of skin if worn at least eight times a day, but research has found that diet and exercise can cause the same results with determination.

Recent shape wear that has been released for men include padded vests that create the illusion of a toned and sculpted torso such as a ‘6-pack’. It gives men a boost in self confidence especially if they are not used to the extra love handles around the waist.

Control pants have become increasingly popular as people try to cut back on luxuries such as going to the gym and poor eating habits because of the vast quantity of cheap food around cause’s people to put on weight. Control pants make the wearer appear slimmer and smooth out lumps and bumps that would make the outfit look ill-fitting and frumpy.

With celebrities also widely seen wearing control pants and shape wear it’s not a surprise that women also feel that they can cheat as celebrities are doing it too. Some celebrities pictured wearing control pants are: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Denise Van Outen, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry and even Paris Hilton! Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to wearing two control pants at a time to create the illusion of a slimmer figure after the birth of her first child.

Control pants are just a short term solution to looking slim and feeling good in those tight fitting outfits, with regular exercise and a healthy diet most people should be able to maintain a size and weight they are comfortable with. Shape wear is also a great addition to the wardrobe for outfits that require a little extra body contouring and smoothness, so feel free to cheat every once in a while.