Corsodyl daily toothpaste review

If you’ve ever been to the dentist and have been told that you’ve got gum disease, then most likely you’ll be given a treatment which involves Corsodyl mouthwash. Many people suffer from gum disease but do not know it. The symptoms are bleeding gums when you’re brushing your teeth and bad breadth. Although you can live with the bleeding gum, a smelly mouth on the other hand can be quite embarassing. Imagine talking to your friends and noticing them turn their faces away because of the bad odour in your mouth! This can often lead to seclusion and stop you from laughing and socialising. Corsodyl mouthwash helps to treat gum disease and  is quite efficient provided you do not use it just after you’ve brushed your teeth with a normal toothpaste.

Finding time to use Corsodyl mouthwash during the day can be hard but fortunately there’s Corsodyl Daily Toothpaste which keep your gums and teeth heathier. You can have the toothpaste in mint as well as the original one. The mint toothpaste was supposed to be better than the other one but guess what? Corsodyl Daily Toothpaste will give you a funny feeling in your mouth. It tastes like taste, horribly disgusting and will make you want to puke. You’re better off using the mouth wash rather than the toothpaste. You cannot even taste the mint and if you’re used to regular toothpastes like Colgate, Aquafresh, Macleans or Pearl Drops, you’ll immediately feel the difference.

The whole idea of using Corsodyl toothpaste was to save time by not having to use the mouth wash at a later period after brushing but the nauseous sensation from it will definitely refrain you from using it again. It costs around £4.50, so it’s quite expensive compared to other toothpaste which you can get for around £2 but if you want to give it a try, you can purchase it from Boots or Superdrug.

For healthy gums and teeth, you need to have a good oral care routine like brushing, flossing and using mouth wash to get rid of plaque. Corsodyl may stop or reduce gum disease but it will come back again if you’re not looking after your gums and teeth properly. So oral hygiene should  be on your priority list if you want to get rid of gum disease.