DermaSponge Review

After years of severe acne as a child I was still left with scarring and large pores as an adult. The best advice my mum gave me as a child was not to pick my spots if I leave them they’ll go away. Mother does know best but I had other ideas, every time a new spot appeared I had to pick it. Now as an adult in my mid twenties I still have large pores for picking my spots too much.

Awhile ago I discovered DermaSponge in the back of a magazine it is a sponge embedded with oxide aluminium crystals, the same ones found in the salon machines when you go for a microdermabrasion treatment.

How was my experience with DermaSponge?

Well they advise you to buff the skin in small circular motions for like two minutes or so but advise less time for sensitive skin, As I was very eager to try it I rubbed it really hard for two minutes, it was like rubbing sandpaper against my face. After my two minutes were up my face was red raw and really sensitive. I used the soothing gel that came with the sponges and it made my face burn even more so I just used baby Johnson’s. When I went to sleep at night I was in excruciating pain and my face kept sticking to the pillows. After a restless night of trying to sleep I awoke to find my skin peeling and really tight. I tried not to pick the dry skin as read somewhere that it could leave scars.

It’s now a few days later and after intense moisturising and facial saunas the results are fantastic! My skin is smoother and even, my scars are gone and my open pores are no more. I truly recommend this product as it has saved my potentially thousands of pounds worth of facials, chemical skin peels and laser surgery.

The starter pack contains four sponges so I have 3 more to go I will do it on a Friday so I can heal over the weekend as I found it rather embarrassing going to work with a scabby face, I will update as soon as I have used the next sponge.