Designer handbags for kids

With pictures emerging showing little Suri Cruise, daughter to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, we ask: are kids growing up too soon? Even Madonna’s little girl Mercy has been spotted with her very own designer handbag, a replica of her mums. Although as cute as they look in their little matching handbags, the handbags that these little celebrity kids are holding can be worth as much as £1,200. In some cases celebrities don’t actually pay for them; instead their favourite designers will make it for their children for free.

Where to buy designer handbags for kids?

Most children who go to private school will have a designer school bag and this is a very popular way that young children fall into the designer handbag trend. Top designers such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada and L.A.M.B all have designer bags for kids and a good enough size ideal for kids of school age. If you can afford to get a bag custom made, then this is also an option. Whether it’s a replica of your own designer handbag or one of a designer, if you have the money then anything is possible.

There are also many internet websites that have compiled a list of all designers and the current styles of bags they sell. This is a good option as you can browse through a whole range of designers you probably didn’t even know made bags for kids. Another option is to shop at the higher end of the market by going into central London and places like Harrods and Selfridges. You may be able to get the designer children’s bags for cheaper if you go to the country the designer is from. So next time go to Spain, Italy and the US for good bargains, though the Euro is struggling at the moment you may not be that better off.

Designer replica handbags for kids

Replica handbags are easier to buy as you can buy them pretty much everywhere and at the fraction of the cost, so why not? You can buy really good ‘real fakes’ over the internet and in most cases buy two matching handbags one for you and another for your little girl. Places like Egypt, Turkey and China are also well known for replica handbags for kids so if you go on holiday there, you can see them first hand and buy them cheaper. If you buy more than one handbag, you can also get a discount and by buying online you could save you some money too.