DIY nail art at home

For as long as I can remember I have been a serial nail biter, only now after 20 odd years have I had the self control to let my nails grow. At first like all nail biters will know I had very weak nails, after growing just a little they would split and I would have to start all over again. After a year of pampering my nails were finally strong and healthy enough to start having manicures and nail art. As my work was very hands on I found that my nails wouldn’t last very long they would chip, split or the nail varnish would be gone after just a few days. I even tried to wear gloves to make my nails last longer but it still didn’t work. After a year of paying nail technicians to do my nails I decided to try and do them myself.

Do your own French tips effortlessly
We all like classic simple designs such as French tips, going to a salon can cost anything up £50 just for a little bit of nail polish. After perfecting my own technique I would like to share the easiest way to get French tips or smile lines as some people also call them.
Have to hand a small glass, like a shot glass
Fill it up with some nail polish remover
Have a good quality paintbrush to hand
Line the surface with some kitchen towels
Try and paint across the nail as neatly as you can
Then dip the paintbrush into the nail polish remover and remove excess nail polish

This is the simplest way to have neat and simple French tips, after a while you may also find that you no longer need a paintbrush to neaten the smile line.

Nail art flowers at home
Doing your own flowers on your nails is easy; there are a few ways of doing so each of them unique in their own way.
Method 1:
Place 5 dots of nail polish in a circle
From the centre of the dot use a toothpick to drag to the middle
Let it dry then add a diamante or nail polish dot in the middle
This method creates the illusion of petals

Method 2:
Place 5 dots of nail polish in a circle and leave to dry
You can add a diamante or nail polish dot in the middle to finish off

Experiment with your own designs, remember to buy fast dry nail polish or nail oil so that nails dry in a few minutes. If you were to let nails dry naturally it could take anywhere up to 3 hours.