DIY Nail Art

Not many people take the time to do their nails themselves – instead for convenience and a professional finish, many women opt to go to a salon. Doing your nails yourself does take a little practice to get that clean professional finish and by doing it yourself you will save a lot of money. The items you need to do a french manicure are simple. You need white nail polish, pink nail polish and a base coat and a top coat. Getting those smile lines to be just right is hard but for the inexperienced smile line, guides are available to purchase for under £3.

Products needed for DIY nail art

You will need to purchase good quality nail varnish, nail gems or diamantes, glitter, dual tip nail polish and toothpicks. These items are not expensive to buy and you can get them even cheaper if you buy from China or Hong Kong as all suppliers buy from there and ship it to the UK and you can thus make savings by buying direct.

If you are a novice, then you won’t want to purchase so many things until you are sure you can do the basic french tips. Practice makes perfect and if you have friends and family that have long nails then you can gain experience by doing their nails. Once you have mastered french tips and acquired a steady hand, you can then do designs such as flowers and even glitter nails. Learning how to do designs on nails aren’t hard at all and by going online and searching the internet, you can find many free tutorial videos too.

Most women have a large collection of nail polish so why not experiment and come up with a few designs of your own? Use tools such as toothpicks to design flowers on the nail and to pick up diamantes for the nails too. Every time you do something new take a picture and add it to a portfolio and you never know you could make some money on the side. Manicures cost from £12 upto £47 and by doing it yourself, you can save money and do it on friends and family for free or charge them.