DIY surround sound speakers

After a call from my mum the other day she was screaming in delight over the phone because she had found her home entertainment surround sound speakers. It was a present from me and my sibling’s years ago and after 3 years in her new house she finally found it in her garage. As my mum has a thing with heights she asked me and my partner if we would mind helping her put them up.  She meant we do the work whilst she watches! We went over and had a quick look, there were front left and right speakers, rear left and right speakers, a centre speaker and a sub woofer.

We were worried the wires wouldn’t be long enough but after laying them out they were just about enough. The surround sound speakers are by Pioneer from 2004 but haven’t been used for the last 3 years. We set up the speakers in each corner then proceeded to hammer in cable clips to keep them secure. The best thing to do before starting is to decide how you want the wires to travel along the wall and ceiling. By doing this it saves time and possibly the need to buy wire covers afterwards.

It’s always best to place speakers symmetrically and in the corners to the wiring can be hidden easily. When you position the DVD player in its place start hammering in the cable clips from the speakers to the DVD player. It’s much easier to work backwards so you can fold the wires together should they be too long after. Work down a corner of the wall and across the skirting board to join the DVD player. It shouldn’t take more than 2 hours.

At the end you will need to test that it works and adjust the distance settings so that the sound is projected evenly throughout the room. You may choose to buy wire covers to cover any trailing wires that are an eyesore. In most cases it’s not really needed if you have a painted wall then the wires can be painted instead. The cost of wire covers are £5.44 for a 2m strip, so depending on how big the room is you may spend a lot of money. The one thing you should remember is that if you don’t plan in living in the house too long then don’t worry about it. When you move you’ll be taking your surround sound with you so don’t think too much about what prospective buyers will think.