Drink driving awareness

The dangers of drinking and driving should be cleared spelled out to teenagers as it has been found out that drunk driving is the number one cause of deaths among youngsters aged between 15 and 24 years and so disseminating this information to them is crucial not only for their own benefit but for other drivers and pedestrians as well.

Most parents make the mistake of thinking that the subject should be discussed only when their own children start to drive. Just like everything else in life, the earlier you are taught lessons, the deeper they get into the minds and you learn to abide by them; there is no need to actually drive to realize the consequences of drunk driving.

Teenagers have to realize just what are the consequences of driving whilst drunk and the huge repercussions that these may entail upon the families and friends of someone killed in such a way. Many people focus on how drink drive insurance will become expensive but they also have to realize what it is like for families and friends to deal with someone injured in such an accident and the aftermath of living with someone in such a state. Though it may not be easy for a teenager to understand this concept, they have to be warned about real life situations.

Also, teenagers have to realize what being caught drunk whilst driving exactly means. It is essential to check out the appropriate laws regarding drunk driving and what such acts lead to. Teenagers have to be told that this irresponsibility will lead to prison if not to more devastating consequences like ruining their careers or even in getting a respectable job.

It can also happen that your teenager finds himself in such a situation that he has been out with friends and had a drink too much and has to get the car back home but unfortunately gets caught, or even calls you as he is unfit to drive and risk being chewed out by you even though you have stressed out the dangers of drunk driving. This is also an aspect that should not be forgotten and be emphasized upon before it actually happens.

When we are young, we all do stupid things but the important thing is to be always safe, understand the lesson and try to rectify our mistakes and do better the next time the same situation crops up. Your child has to realize that no matter what happens, he can count on you wherever he is, in whatever situation he is and at any time for you to help him out.

It does not however mean that you are encouraging irresponsible activities or that the mistake will go unpunished. The crucial thing to you is for him to be safe and sound and to make him realize that he made the right choice in asking for your help.

As it goes, you have to set the example for your child to follow through and hence not drive whilst drunk. Leave your keys at home and take a taxi instead when you have to go to a party which involves drinking and your child will do the same.