Driving test becoming more difficult for learners, is it fair?

A few years ago, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) introduced the Hazard Perception test which needs to be passed before obtaining your driving licence. This meant that learners had to learn a completely new thing which takes the form of a video clip where you have to click when you spot a hazard. There are still many people who are not familiar with a computer and do not have complete control over the mouse even though they might recognise when there’s bound to be danger in the video clip.And now there’s something more to the driving test and this one is called Independent Driving.

Now the problem is that older drivers did not have to go through so much hassle before they obtained their driving test. Actually they did not even have the theory test, no multiple choice questions to answer and it was only some basic knowledge about the road signs and being able to drive properly. Nowadays the government is making the lives of learner drivers a misery.

Some people may argue that there are so many changes now with technology being as advanced as it is now especially with the introduction of satellite navigation system and the pletora of road signs everywhere but the thing is that older drivers need to be re-assessed if that’s the case. What they have learnt before is nothing compared to what learners have to master these days.

Why should it be compulsory only for new learners? It’s not like older drivers do not use the same roads or the same technologies! It is therefore important that the government stops putting only learners to those strict laws and regulations and have a system in place which is fair to both new and old drivers.