Exercise during pregnancy – Is it safe?

The biggest worry to a woman when getting pregnant is the excessive weight gain that many women experience. When women get pregnant they tend to take it easy and stop exercising and eating properly. By continuing the healthy lifestyle you already have, you can avoid excessive weight gain whilst pregnant.

Is it safe to exercise when pregnant?

As all women have different medical histories it is advisable to speak to your doctor or midwife before taking up any exercise whilst pregnant. It’s much safer to exercise before and during pregnancy rather than starting during pregnancy. Your body will not like any changes you make during pregnancy so by having an active lifestyle beforehand, you will help your chances of having a toned and average weight gain after birth.

What exercises can I do?

You should refrain from any strenuous activity or anything that will raise your core temperature – if you are pregnant and overheat it is harder for the baby to cool down so avoid saunas and the steam room also.

Treadmill – light jogging and walking at a comfortable gradient can still be enjoyed

Swimming – as your bump will feel lighter in water this is probably the easiest form of exercising in late pregnancy

Yoga – breathing and relaxed stretching yoga is best for pregnancy and mums-to-be

Walking – walking at a steady pace for even 30 minutes will do you and baby a world of good

Dancing – dancing that doesn’t involve jumping can also be continued during pregnancy

Cycling – you can still enjoy cycling but remember that during the later stages of pregnancy you will lose the centre of gravity

Refrain from weights, horse riding, scuba diving, skiing and high impact sports. If hurt, you could endanger not only your life but your unborn baby too.

There was an article in a sports magazine a few years ago revealing a devastating secret that some athletes use to achieve victory in some sports. When a woman is pregnant she benefits from the increase in blood volume and hormone changes and the body is much more able to push itself further in the first three months of pregnancy. Some athletes have been benefiting from the pregnancy related enhancements and then aborting after the three months. Although there is no substantial evidence it is said that some of the world’s top athletes use this method today.