Farm Animals

A great day out for the children would be to visit farm animals. You can go to large parks that have an area for visitors to see farm animals or you can arrange a day out at a farm and enjoy a picnic afterwards.

All over the UK there are parks which also home farm animals. In Manchester there is Heaton Park. I took one of my little nieces there and she loved it. The park itself is so big we got lost a few times. We went to visit the farm animals first then enjoyed walking around and had a picnic.

There were chickens being fed in their cages and their little chicks running around. There were also pigs and one of them was feeding her little piglets.

There were rabbits and guinea pigs as well.

We were also surprised to see a peacock walking around. He seems to walk around freely on the rooftops of the nearby buildings.

We saw donkeys and horses being taken for walks and you can have a ride around the park on a horse but for a small fee of course.

There were sheep but when we went they had just had all their wool shaved off so they looked very different.

Children are allowed to stroke and feed the animals and there is always someone there to supervise.

It’s not that much different visiting a farm but I have found that if you take a day trip to a farm it would cost more money than going to a park. When visiting a farm you have to pay an entrance fee and on top of that there are restaurants so you always find it easier to eat there. This can cost a lot of money whereas if you go to a park, entry is free and you can have a nice picnic on the grass or at a table afterwards. The children can have a little rest and play a few games before you decide to head back home for afternoon tea.