Free makeover by The Studio – Oxford Street

I have wanted to have some professional photos taken for me and my husband for a very long time now but I’m so lazy and don’t have the time to trawl through all the companies near me. My sister won a free makeover a few years ago and took my mum along with her. The pictures were amazing; she purchased a few of them but also got one free when she won. Since then I have seen many friends and a few cousins have professional makeovers and they all look really stunning! The latest were my two cousins who are sisters, I’m not sure if it was free but the pictures look really good and one of them even recommended I try it.

I got a call from The Studio based in Central London, Oxford Street today asking me if I was interested in a free makeover. I was as it was something I am looking into, he said that my cousin who had recently had hers done had referred me and he was just calling me trying to entice me over. He asked if I was over 18 (which I am) and asked if I was willing to travel into Central London, Oxford Street. I live around 2 hours away from Central London and taking the train is out of the question when I told the guy it was too far he started to tell me my options (as if I didn’t know). He really wanted me to travel a ridiculous distance to make it to this makeover.

Turning down a free makeover
I must be the first person in the world to turn down a free makeover! The sales guy then told me he travels 2 hours a day to get into work but even it was free I was not willing to travel into Central London by a manky train plagued with delays and faults. The sales person was extremely disappointed to say the least and gave up in the end.

I asked my husband if I made the right choice and he said it was up to me. I thought I had made a mistake by turning the offer down and went online to do some research. I have found that it is a rip off and a scam. You have to pay a refundable deposit of £30-£49 and pay for all your photos, I mean I knew I would have to pay for them but the prices are ridiculous. You can expect to pay up to £310 for just pictures! I knew nothing in the world is free anymore and I’m glad I declined. I would much rather pay for a professional photographer to take my pictures than go for a supposedly ‘free’ makeover. Beware it’s a money making scheme that seems to keep drawing in suckers!